All aboard!

So who wants to come aboard the Mayhem ship?!? We are building a boat unlike any other, with a dozen serving wenches and plenty of booty for all. There will be casks of rum, fine cerveza, and gangplanks that we will use to force any undesirables off the boat.

mayhem ship

More news coming soon as we gather our slaves to cut the wood for the ship. Then we will need to travel to the tar pits to collect tar and pitch to seal the ship and make it water-tight.

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Rockers lift?

Do you ever notice rock stars almost always have chiseled bodies? Is it the drugs making them lean? Or do they lift too?


The 50 yr old Anthony from Red Hot Chili Peppers looks better than most 20 yr olds, and even though he’s abused drugs heavily, he now is clean and eats healthy while working out regularly. In fact, people that get obsessive over it end up getting home gym equipment or doing extreme exercise routines like CrossFit or the Insanity workout.

The tough part for rockers is that they’re always traveling, so they have to find gyms wherever they’re at. Hopefully they find something better than the hotel gym, and most cities have gyms where you can buy a day pass, so it looks like that’s what most of them do.

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